Dissociation and the Body

led by creator of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and SPI founder Dr. Pat Ogden

In this webinar, Dr. Ogden will elucidate the challenges, risks, and rewards of working somatically with dissociative clients.

  • The three major influences on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy’s approach to dissociation and parts work will be discussed.
  • Practical, easy to implement somatic interventions designed to initiate change in entrenched patterns will be shared.

We will explore the theory of structural dissociation, emphasizing how the body reflects and sustains ‘daily life’ parts of the self as well as those stuck in ‘trauma time,’ and how the body can be an asset in helping these parts communicate and cooperate.

You get:

  • 2 hours of teaching from Dr. Pat Ogden
  • Worksheets to be used with clients that are designed to support mapping the physical tendencies of dissociative parts, encourage mindful awareness of them, and identify their resources
  • Recording to replay at your convenience for a full year
  • Plus a complete transcript and a handout of slides

2 CEs