Working with Isolation and Loneliness: the Unintended Consequences of COVID

led by Dr. Janina Fisher, assistant educational director at Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

This webcast addresses how to help clients struggling with the isolation imposed by COVID to take in the support they do have, to understand the painful loneliness as feeling and body memories, and to transform the felt sense of being ‘outside looking in.’

Our focus:

  • Differentiating situational responses from emotional memory
  • Resources for helping clients tolerate fear and loneliness
  • Practical tips for making virtual psychotherapy feel personal and connected
  • Interactive neurobiological regulation: using our nervous systems to regulate the client’s nervous system

You get:

  • 3 hours of teaching from Dr. Janina Fisher
  • Recordings to replay at your convenience for a full year
  • Plus a complete transcript and handout of slides to download and keep forever in your personal reference library.

3 CEs