Sensorimotor Psychotherapies Effectiveness in Autistic Adults
Cyndi and Sensorimotor Psychotherapies
Effectiveness in Autistic Adults
Written by Sean M. Inderbitzen, DSW, LCSW,

“SP provides me a way to experience feelings in a non-threatening way. Rather I experience them first through my body’s non-verbal sensory cues and energetically in ways I never knew I could.” - Sean M. Inderbitzen, DSW, LCSW
Why Sensorimotor Psychotherapy?   
Trauma first and foremost leaves its imprint on the body, yet, for many reasons, the body has historically been omitted from therapeutic inquiry. SP can help clients release the hold and effects of traumatic experiences, and draw upon the wisdom of their bodies in ways that enrich their lives.  
About Sean M. Inderbitzen
Sean M. Inderbitzen, DSW, LCSW, an autistic psychotherapist and researcher through Mayo Clinic Health System, resides in Rice Lake, WI, with his two sons. He is finishing his Sensorimotor Psychotherapy lvl 3 certification course to do trauma work with those with autism.  Additionally he wrote Autism in Polyvagal Terms for the Interpersonal Neurobiology Series with Dr. Stephen Porges, due out September 2024. He regularly trains healthcare professionals to be more confident when working with people on the spectrum. 
Trauma Institute Podcast
We're excited to share that we've accepted the invitation to be a core organizational partner with the Trauma Institute, a collaborative movement to reconsider the way we think about and approach trauma recovery, offering tools for healing. We’ve gathered the foremost experts in trauma recovery with the aim of guiding people through their healing journey with understanding and empathy.

To kickstart this journey, the Trauma Institute has launched a podcast series Healing Trauma beginning with the inaugural episode, "What Counts as Trauma?" In this episode, Dr. Frank Anderson and Matthias Barker, LMHC discuss a new era of trauma therapy, get to the bottom of what “counts” as trauma, and how we can start to heal.
The body always leads us home. - Pat Ogden, PhD, SP Pioneer