In Unity with Trans, Non-Binary, & Two-Spirits 

We at SPI, have kept a close pulse on the many recent, yet ongoing, oppressive legislative attacks and societal dangers that our Trans, Two-Spirit, and Non-Binary communities across the United State have been forced to endure. While we know it is not new, with a long painful history of transphobia especially among our Trans, Two-Spirit, and Non-Binary communities of color, we are horrified.

We acknowledge there are few safe spaces dedicated to Trans, Two-Spirit, Non-Binary folks especially in mental health and we aim to change that. Equitable change comes from addressing all angles and levels of our philosophies, social circles, institutions, and policies. SPI is in constant evaluation of our practices, structures, systems, and pedagogy so that mental health services are accessible to our communities who need it most.

If you or a loved one are in need of a SP therapist in your area who has experience in Trans, Two-Spirit, Non-Binary issues, we invite you to explore our Therapist Directory.  Most of our certified practitioners offer virtual visits, if location is a barrier.

To all of our Trans, Two-Spirit, and Non-Binary communities of color who put your lives on the line, daily, to simply exist and be yourself, and those who will forever rest in power: we see you and we stand with you in solidarity. 

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

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