Standing with Ukraine

Dear SP Community,

Along with much of the world, we at SPI find it heart-wrenching to watch the ongoing trauma and devastation happening in Ukraine. Now, over three million people have fled Ukraine seeking refuge, and are in need life’s essentials - food, water, shelter, medical and psychological support.

It is heartening to see our global community coming together to aid in this humanitarian crisis. SPI is taking part by donating to the Global Giving Foundation supplying Ukrainian refugees with some of these essentials. This foundation is rated as one of the topmost credible and transparent nonprofit agencies, that assure all contributions go directly to people in need. If you have the means, we encourage you to join us in placing a donation by clicking on this link.

Support can also take the form of offering pro-bono mental health services and resources to those affected. To show our support, SPI will also be offering a free webinar in response to this crisis.

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In Solidarity,

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

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