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Sensorimotor Practices for Awareness, Regulation, and Expansion

by Pat Ogden, PhD
Published by Norton Professional Books

Our bodies hold a wealth of knowledge that, with the right tools, we can tap into at any time.

Our physical habits—of sensation, posture, and movement—reflect implicit knowledge of our histories of trauma, relationships, and resources, as well as our future possibilities. However, this wealth of information often eludes our awareness. The intention of the somatic practices in this card deck is to experientially illuminate the innate and unique knowledge that resides in our bodies, and to nurture a more deeply embodied connection with ourselves, others, and the world.

The cards are divided into fifteen themes: ancestors and community, body connection, body sensation, boundaries, breath, containment, culture, five fundamental movements, grounding, mindfulness, movement, posture, the senses, positivity, resources, and the future. Our bodies have different lessons to teach us at different points in our lives, so readers are encouraged to revisit these enlightening, somatic exercises time and again to glean new insights.

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Why Sensorimotor Psychotherapy?   
Trauma first and foremost leaves its imprint on the body, yet, for many reasons, the body has historically been omitted from therapeutic inquiry. SP can help clients release the hold and effects of traumatic experiences, and draw upon the wisdom of their bodies in ways that enrich their lives.  
 Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) actively incorporates awareness of the body into clinical practice, targeting the habits of physical action, autonomic dysregulation, and posture. By addressing the physical, as well as the psychological effects of adverse experience on mind and body, SP supports a deep and unified approach to healing. Go beyond theories and gain practical ways to open a new dimension for effective person or online!  
About Pat Ogden
Clinician, consultant, author, international lecturer and pioneer of somatic psychology, Pat Ogden PhD is the creator of the SP method, and Founder and Education Director of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. A leading light in working with the body to resolve trauma, Pat is fluent in a variety of somatic and psychotherapeutic approaches, with over 45 years’ experience working with individuals and groups. SP training and courses are now available all over the world. 
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