Grieving our Lost Childhoods

Free Event! Come find out how a mindful-based Sensorimotor Psychotherapy approach
to loss helps increase our ability to tolerate and befriend grief.

Trauma, Dissociation and the Body

FREE for a limited time. Explore the challenges, risks, and rewards of working somatically, and discover how to make change for dissociative clients a reality.

The Power of the Body in Treating Trauma

Join Bessel van der Kolk and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Founder Pat Ogden for this transformational seminar and gain a profound sense of the wisdom of the body.

Why Sensorimotor Psychotherapy?

Listen in as SP Pioneer, Dr. Pat Ogden, and SP Faculty, Kelly Callahan discuss their Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) journey and how it has compared to other somatic modalities. Discover how SP’s comprehensive approach with embedded relational mindfulness deepened their approach to psychotherapy and transformed their practice.

Learn to Work with the Wisdom of the Body

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How does SP shape your work?

Founding SPI trainer, Kekuni Minton, PhD describes how each person has their own guiding intelligence and how therapists can help people delve into their client’s organization of experience and help them better understand the impacts. Listen in as he offers his personal insights on the question, “how does SP shape your work?”