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This drastic and immediate change to how the world interacts is spurring SPI to look at new and alternative avenues for teaching and connecting. This includes adapting some of our formal training courses to continue through remote, alternative delivery methods as well as offering new online programs. Members of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy community are also sharing free resources.

Why the body

Do you struggle to help numb, disconnected clients who can’t feel emotion or explore inner experience? Learn a comprehensive approach to conceptualize your clients’ concerns. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy uniquely includes the body in therapy as both a source of information and target for intervention. Go beyond theories and gain practical ways to open a new dimension for effective therapy.

Learn to Work with the Wisdom of the Body

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Discover a Unified Approach to Healing

The body carries the legacy of trauma and attachment dynamics in procedural habits of movement, posture, and nervous system regulation that can keep clients stuck in the past. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) actively incorporates awareness of the body into clinical practice, targeting the habits of physical action, autonomic dysregulation, and posture. By addressing the physical, as well as the psychological effects of adverse experience on mind and body, SP supports a deep, effective, and unified approach to healing.


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