Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (SPI) Presents...
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Building Resilience in Times of War, Violence, and Other Traumatic Events
taught by...
SPI Faculty, Rebeca Farca, PhDc, LMFT
& SPI Founder, Pat Ogden, PhD

Complimentary Webinar
Pat Ogden PhD
Rebeca Farca PhDc

Objectives for this 1.5-hour digital workshop:

Explain why a body-oriented psychotherapeutic approach can be effective in clinical work with survivors of traumatic events
Explain the benefits of a body-oriented approach for trauma
Explain how Sensorimotor Psychotherapy integrates cognitive and somatic interventions
Apply somatic resources in clinical practice
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A body-oriented approach to clients who have experienced war and other violence, can facilitate alternative ways of perceiving reality, address non-verbal symptoms and resolve the implicit effects of these wounds.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy guides this by integrating cognitive and somatic interventions, emphasizing body awareness, practicing new actions, and building somatic resources.

Help clients build resilience by embodying the somatic resources presented in this complimentary webinar.

All participants will receive a copy of
SPI's current protocols for clinicians & clients.
Protocols can be found and downloaded to the right of presentation handout. 
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Use Code: SPResilience2022
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I access my free webinar?

A: This course requires you to create a SPI Learning Online (SPILO) account to access the webinar. Learn how here >>

After your account is created access the webinar by clicking the button above and entering code: SPResilence2022 

Q: How is SPI currently helping victims of war?

A: SPI stands in unity with global communities effected by war. SPI is taking part by donating to reputable charities who assist war victims, and offering pro-bono mental health resources. Read more here >> 

Q: Why haven’t I heard about Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) training before?

A: SP creator, Dr. Pat Odgen, established Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (SPI) in 1981. Until 2019, SPI almost exclusively relied on word of mouth to spread awareness of training in SP. With growing demand for effective trauma therapy, we realized the principles and methods of SP needed to reach further. We began offering a variety of programs online, so more people than ever before can affordably and conveniently begin learning SP.

Q: I've tried working with the body before, but it didn't work... How is this any different?

A: SP uniquely includes the body in therapy as both a source of information and target for intervention. By addressing the physical as well as the psychological, SP can support a deep, effective and unified approach to healing.

The immediately-useful knowledge you will gain in this course comes from Dr. Ogden’s years of study and clinical experience--she developed SP based on what works.

Q: How long is this digital program?

A: This complimentary program offers 1.5-hour of instructional learning.

Q: Are Continuing Education credits offered?
A: CEs are not being offered for this complimentary course. 
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Use Code: SPResilience2022