Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute is built on community. From our advisory board to our faculty to our alumni, this community propels Sensorimotor Psychotherapy forward as it maintains a foundation of support and connection.

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SPI’s advisory board is made up of individuals that bring unique knowledge and skills which augment that of faculty and staff in order to more effectively guide the institute. The advisory board plays an important public relations role as well as providing SPI faculty and staff with a fresh perspective on topics and issues surrounding somatic psychotherapy.


SPI has over 20 faculty members and growing that train all over the world. SPI Trainers are diverse in their orientations and specialties, which include adult, child and adolescent psychotherapy, couple therapy, dissociative disorders, group therapy, and many more. 


Certification Coaches are trained SPI staff who support students in the SP Certification Training with skill acquisition. Certification Coaches participate in a training program with supervision by SPI faculty members. Certification Coaches may be contacted by students of the SP Certification Training for extra help at a cost negotiated directly with the Certification Coach.


SPI Approved Consultants provide consultation to SPI alumni on the integration of SP interventions and concepts in clinical practice. They are Certified in SP, have completed a 20-hour consultation program, and have met specific criteria. SPI Approved Consultants complete professional development to maintain their status.
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Professional Association

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute Professional Association (SPIPA) is open to all SPI alumni that have completed Level I training or beyond. SPIPA Online is a worldwide digital community where you can connect to other SPI alum anywhere, anytime.

If you’d like to learn more about joining SPIPA Online, click here.

SPIPA is also comprised of Regional Chapters. Each chapter’s purpose is to create a regional community of SPI® graduates dedicated to their ongoing learning and to the vision, mission and growth of SPI®.

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