Online Programs

In the spring of 2020, spread of the novel coronavirus became a worldwide health threat. Adjustments to how the world interacts inspired Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (SPI) to develop new avenues for teaching and connecting. The opportunity to open a new dimension for effective therapy through SP is now accessible to more people than ever before.

Professional Training Program

SPI now offers a new Level I course designed with online learning in mind – SP for Trauma Themes. This course thoughtfully brings the flexibility and accessibility of studying online to the world of somatic psychotherapy! Benefit from blended online learning methods designed to make the most of your time with course facilitators and colleagues, while also providing you the flexibility to work through the conceptual course materials at your own pace. SP for Trauma Themes provides a dynamic, modern means for learning SP theories and building skills.

SPI is also adapting some of our traditional-format training courses to continue through online alternative delivery methods. 


Upcoming Trainings