Relationship in Online Therapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy from a Distance: Engaging the Body, Creating Presence, and Building Relationship in Online Therapy

led by SPI founder and SP creator Dr. Pat Ogden and SPI faculty member Dr. Bonnie Goldstein

Learn insights for how to practice somatic psychotherapy when you can’t be in the same room with your client. The webinar is inspired by a chapter Dr. Ogden & Dr. Goldstein co-authored within the book, Theory and Practice of Online Therapy: Internet-delivered Interventions for Individuals, Groups, Families, and Organizations, by Haim Weinberg and Arnon Rolnick (Routledge, 2019). 

You can also enjoy a follow-up video by Dr. Ogden: exploring considerations of privilege and marginalization to embrace flexibility in online therapy delivery; adapting interventions to a variety of conditions for therapists and/or clients in online therapy; and, addressing some of the themes from questions submitted by participants in the first webinar

This program is free. No CE credits offered.