Courtney Policano, LCSW

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Courtney Policano, LCSW
New York
My name is Courtney and I specialize in trauma. I welcome you to reach out and schedule a phone consultation to see if I am a match for your needs.
Highest Level Completed
2-Developmental Injury
Session Formats Offered
In-Person, Online Video
Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Life Transitions, Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum, Relationship Issues, Stress, Trauma and PTSD, Women's Issues


299 Broadway
Suite 1108

Life in NYC is filled with demands and stressors, both at work and at home. Balancing all that is required can be overwhelming. Yet the distress you feel today does not need to be your new normal, there is hope! I work with adults experiencing anxiety and depression, grief and loss, and trauma. I also work with individuals navigating work stress and difficult life transitions.

In my practice, I specialize in the treatment of trauma. Whether you are suffering from single incident trauma, complex trauma and/or developmental trauma, the imprint of trauma is stored not just in our minds, but also in our bodies. These traumatic events can be deep and long reaching into present day relationships and experiences. While it is often confusing to distinguish past from present in a flood of big feelings, together we will slow down to develop mindful awareness, develop tools to regulate activation and support the integration of mind and body.

Client Focus
$$$ (More than $130)
Therapist Gender
Cisgender, Female
Therapist Race / Ethnicity

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