Faige Flakser, LCSW

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Faige Flakser, LCSW
I help clients develop a sense of safety, and process trauma memories as the past. Trauma work is sacred and I approach it with care.
Highest Level Completed
2-Developmental Injury
Session Formats Offered
Online Video
Anxiety, Codependency, Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, Grief, Sexual Abuse, Trauma and PTSD


Faige Flakser is a trauma therapist, working with individual adults, (NY, NJ, OR, NV, FL) many of whom struggle in their daily lives with the fallout of traumatic experiences. Faige helps clients develop a present sense of safety and process through the difficult memories from their trauma so they can move forward in their lives and decrease their negative symptoms.
Faige is focused on making real progress; work with her is gentle yet deep. Gentle; through her nonjudgmental and complete acceptance of the authentic human experience. Deep; where she gets straight to the core of what brings clients to therapy in the first place. Faige's practice is trauma-focused, rooted in a deep understanding of the effects of trauma, through which she specializes in addressing and fighting the internalized shame of her clients.
Faige creates a warm, compassionate, and patient atmosphere where clients feel safe talking about their feelings. She teaches them how to identify instances of fight, flight, or freezing and how these reactions impact their daily lives, even if the trauma was in the past. She also brings in examples of attachment styles to help clients understand conflicts with friends, partners or family members. She focuses both on the client’s mind and body, so clients learn how to be mindful about their physical and emotional feelings.

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