Jan Ohm RP

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Jan Ohm RP
Trauma and Dissociation Specialist and Consultant
Highest Level Completed
SPI Approved Consultant
Session Formats Offered
In-Person, Telephone, Online Video, Individuals


WellSpace Trauma Therapy Clinic
908 Bathurst Street

My journey began with physiological issues that would not heal through interventions of modern medicine, prompting me to look inside for resolution. I became interested in the connection between the body, the psyche, and healing on all levels. I have spent decades exploring, developing, and teaching from this perspective. The deeper I go with this inquiry, the more I learn about the brain, the nervous system, and our ever-emergent humanity.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy quickly became a valuable tool in my treatment of survivors of trauma and dissociation. I have also incorporated Neuromodulation and Neurofeedback treatment to move the process of healing along. Decades later, I find myself more curious than ever about how human beings work. It is a privilege to continue to learn and to assist each unique being on their healing journey.

Registered Psychotherapist
Client Focus
Therapist Gender
Cisgender, Female

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