Jim Helling, LICSW, CMPC

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Jim Helling, LICSW, CMPC
Psychological Trauma, Resilience Training, Performance Optimization, Consultation
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SPI Approved Consultant
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In-Person, Telephone, Online Video, Individuals
Anxiety, Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Codependency, Coping Skills, Divorce, Grief, Narcissistic Personality, Sports Performance, Stress, Trauma and PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury


409 Main St #256

The findings of modern neuroscience are coming together with the practices of ancient traditions in the service of people whose lives have been marked by experiences of extreme stress and loss. I identify my practice as part of this international effort to expand our understanding of the human mind, body, spirit, and community. My work with clients is based on scientific evidence, guided by traditional wisdom, and dedicated to the art of moving together toward balance, realization, and integration in the present moment.

I specialize in working with young adults and adults who have experienced traumatic events, abuse, neglect, or other kinds of profound loss. Restoring resilience, the capacity to respond with dignity, and presence of mind to challenge, and adversity is a core component of this work.

Our lives are animated by an inherent drive to thrive. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy provides tools, resources, and an approach to healing that reestablishes adaptive flow through the body and facilitates fuller expression of resilient action at each level of organismic function.

The wounds and injuries that we experience often present us with difficulty maintaining balance and a sense of well-being in everyday life.

People experiencing complex posttraumatic difficulties often benefit from learning to use their minds and bodies as positive resources for balancing their lives. Primary goals in treatment include developing skills and strengthening self-efficacy to allow sustained presence and engagement in the present moment and provide a pathway connecting to a sense of order, peace, spontaneity, and well-being.

Structural Dissociation Theory views dissociative fragmentation as the hallmark of psychological trauma. The impulse to find security in the present moment drives one part of personality to rely on basic mammalian defensive actions while another part seeks immersion in daily life tasks to find relief from dreaded pain. Embodied psychotherapeutic work restores integrative capacity and promotes internal reconciliation by reinstituting witnessing presence to support complete cycles of physical and mental action. Provided with the right supports and resources, and furnished with structured opportunities for experiential access to key action patterns, the body will shift into a creative and receptive state of organization and move toward healing and wholeness. Interactive regulation of the nervous system and the felt sense of connection in the therapeutic relationship scaffold new experiences of integrative action and self-witnessing.

As an AASP Certified Mental Performance Consultant, my work focuses on leveraging strengths, developing talents, realizing potential and optimizing performance. The mind and body respond in recognizable ways to environments and inputs that are affirming, growth-oriented and facilitative. As a clinical and performance consultant, my role is to create the conditions that invite free flow of the drive to thrive, excel and flourish. Insight and information are part of the process but embodied practice of mental and physical actions that liberate free expression of passion, skill, and focused energy holds the heart of this work.

LICSW MA 115332
Client Focus
Adults, Elders (65+), Veterans
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Cisgender, Male
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White, A race, ethnicity, or origin not listed

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