Lauren Jones, MA, MFT

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Lauren Jones, MA, MFT
Santa Cruz
Highest Level Completed
2-Developmental Injury
Session Formats Offered
Online Video, Individuals, Couples, Family
ADHD, Addiction, Anxiety, Career Counseling, Codependency, Coping Skills, Eating Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Obesity, Relationship Issues, School Issues, Self Esteem, Sex Therapy, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Addiction, Trauma and PTSD, Weight Loss, Women's Issues


520 Mission St.
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You are uncomfortable - Something is bothering you. You need resolution about an issue, event, experience or relationship. I work in a collaborative/relational model with people who have had experiences that they have not fully integrated yet. I use talk therapy, imagery, metaphor, hypnosis, EMDR, Positive Psychology, and Sensorimotor. Often clients report being disinterested in a formerly distressing topic after treatment. I'm comfortable working many types of issues including trauma, PTSD, ACA, sexual abuse, panic attacks or phobias, anxiety or depression, losses or relationship breakups, people with mysterious physical ailments.
I can help by guiding, providing encouragement, support and validation. Leading you through the negative experience to a more empowered stance and more positive outlook. I work a lot with sexual abuse recovery and trauma recovery. I'm also comfortable with talk therapy, hypnosis, positive psychology, humanistic existential, and Sensorimotor.
I am directive, focused, personable, relational, outcome-oriented and active. I use innovation, my sense of humor, joyful presence, our connection, modeling, I'm a trauma treatment specialist and proficient in EMDR. I do hypnosis. I'm level II certified in Sensorimotor - finished the level II in May 2015.

MFT 42552
Client Focus
Adults, Elders (65+)
$$$ (More than $130), Accepts Insurance
Therapist Gender
Cisgender, Female
Therapist Race / Ethnicity

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