Tobie Marven, MSci, RP

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Tobie Marven, MSci, RP
Highest Level Completed
2-Developmental Injury
Session Formats Offered
In-Person, Online Video, Individuals, Family
Anxiety, Depression, Parenting, Transgender, Trauma and PTSD


As a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) with over 15 years of experience, I am deeply committed to providing dedicated support to individuals and families navigating mental health challenges. Since 2018, my journey in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy has equipped me with a Somatic perspective, allowing me to explore the profound connection between trauma and the inherent wisdom within our bodies. My expertise spans various modalities, including Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, DBT, and parts work, all of which I employ through a trauma-informed and anti-oppressive lens.

A significant portion of my practice is devoted to serving the 2SILGBTQ+ communities, where I offer guidance on matters of gender and sexuality. I believe in delving into the complexities of our intersectional identities, stories, and oppressions, as they profoundly shape our experiences, joys, and challenges within ourselves and our relationships. Additionally, I provide invaluable support to families and caregivers navigating the intricate terrain of youth gender journeys, mental health and neurodivergent experiences. As a parent myself and decade of caregiver support I know that healing our selves allows us to show up for our kids in the ways they need.

On a personal note, my own journey of recovery from mental health challenges deeply informs my client-centered, strength-based approach. I take pride in my identity as non-binary and queer, embracing neurodiversity in all its forms.

Client Focus
Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19), Adults, LGBTQIA+
$$$ (More than $130), Sliding Scale
Therapist Gender
Non-binary/third gender
Therapist Race / Ethnicity

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